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OrchidBox Mini (White) - for cuttings, carnivorous plants, mosses, and more

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OrchidBox Mini is our flagship product and smart mini LED terrarium designed to perfection. Launched August 2020 after almost a decade of research, it's finally here. We're mad about plants and we're obsessed with user-friendly devices. Create your own miniature garden and grow succulents, carnivorous plants and more with its universal design. Measures 4.5"x4.5"x8" tall. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! Features - Simple setup and UX - Smart front button and RGB indicator light - Water sensor and auto-shutoff - Interior dimensions 4x4x7" (LxWxH) - Smart dimmable & programmable LED lights, learns light cycle from user input - Designed to perfection - Highest quality device of its kind Uses - Desktop terrarium - Start seeds - Propagate nodes, monstera, etc. OrchidBox is protected by U.S. patents. Your support helps fund conservation efforts and new devices to obsess about. Proud part of the Dallas Design District community and recognized life sciences leader in North Texas. Designed in Dallas, TX. OrchidBox Mini assembled in Taiwan. Plant and soil kits made in our shop in Dallas, TX.