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1.6"Φ Pro Series Moss Poles: Designer Ultra-Sturdy Extendable Boho Plant Moss Pole

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Our new Pro Series designer moss poles, with their stylish and artistic design, add a touch of unmatched elegance to any plant space. While the longer production time contributes to a higher price tag, we firmly believe that these moss poles are an investment well worth making, as they represent the pinnacle of quality and sophistication available in the market today. With their unique screw-together feature and optional base stake, these modular poles provide effortless assembly and superior stability, making them the ultimate choice for plant enthusiasts seeking both aesthetic appeal and practicality. 


This is the Mini version of our Pro series moss poles. It's slightly larger than our standard v7 Small Size 1.44" diameter, and smaller than our 2.0" Small Pro pole.

Visit our shop page to shop our 2" and 3" diameter Pro Poles. We also offer a number of other styles and colors, so be sure to check us out!

Lovingly designed in-house for our own plants. Our stackable extendible totems are printed with long lasting durable PLA.

Available in starter kit (includes pole, base and lid). Extensions are available to add 9.3” of length.

Starter kit includes everything you need to get started:
-1x 7.4” totem body
-1x lid
-1x base (choose whether you want stake or foot anchor)

-Pole + Lid + Stake
-Pole + Lid + Foot
-7.4" Pole Only
-7.4" Pole Only (3 pack)

Luxe Features:
-stronger and more durable bodies
-tighter and screws on with ease
-improved base durability
-improved boho aesthetics
-better print quality
-2” and 3” diameters not compatible with our other versions of moss poles.
-new foot base anchor and watering lid accessories

Starter kit is 7.4” tall, and each extension adds approx. 7.4” to existing base pole kit, and they are stackable!


We manufacture moss poles in different styles, check out our store for larger and other totems! (See images in listing for different families). Please contact us if you need something custom!

Don't forget to add wick! -