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Bulk Order V7 Moss Poles - Modular Plant Moss Pole with Self-Watering Features

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Give us a little more time on your order (about 2-4 weeks) and we'll get you a discount on orders over $250, plus free shipping. Lovingly designed in-house for our own plants. Our stackable extendible totems are printed with long lasting durable PLA and our signature honeycomb pattern. Self-watering features include through-hole in the base and hook in the lid for wick.

Available in starter kit (includes base stake and lid). Extensions are available to add length to the set.

Starter kit includes everything you need to get started:
-1x totem body
-1x lid
-1x anchor stake (choose whether you want stake or foot anchor)

V7 Features:
-stronger and more durable bodies
-tighter and more durable snaps
-improved base durability
-improved aesthetics
-better print quality
-1.92” and 2.4” diameters not fully backwards compatible with previous v6 version
-new base anchor and watering lid accessories

Starter kit is contains base or foot anchor, extensions are stackable! Compatible with all other V7 lids, bases, and extensions.


We manufacture moss poles in different styles, check out our store for larger and other totems! (See images in listing for different families). Please contact us if you need something custom!